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Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development

Full-time study Length 3 years Degree Bc.

Turn your ideas into a working business

A unique concept of a study program in the Czech Republic, which is studied in English. 

If you want to try to establish and run a team company and to implement real-life projects collectively, you’ll find the perfect opportunity on the Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development programme.

Establish a Comptany Within Your Team
Create a Business Success Story
Be Part of International Projects
Start a Prosperous Business

What awaits you?

You’ll take an idea all the way to its realisation. You’ll draw inspiration from coaching, mentoring and consultations. You’ll understand the value of success and failure for business development. You’ll live your own business story – a story you create and are responsible for.

You’ll learn team work and you will create a real team company during your studies. The development of the company will be fully in your hands and the hands of your team. You’ll be part of a team and learn how to benefit from cooperation. You’ll be able to fully use the unique facilities, resources and know-how of the ESBD study programme for your own development and the development of real-life projects.

You’ll be able to decide the content and form of practice. You’ll use the subjects you study to develop your projects and will change the study content according to the projects you engage in. You can develop your study programme, for example as a manager for development of cooperation with foreign partners.

What does it look like in practice?

  • own facilities and resources for team education. Methods: team learning, self-assessment, project-based learning, learning by doing
  • possibility to develop one’s own business projects within a team company
  • work on consultancy projects assigned by real-life companies and external clients
  • realising your own business idea – from initial thoughts through to market launch
  • possibility to participate in international competition projects focused on branding, marketing and technological innovation

What possibilities does this study programme offer?

  • team learning, establishing and developing one’s own business project within a student team company as part of the course
  • international cooperation and international projects as part your study
  • gaining practical experience with establishing and developing a team company
  • involvement in creating the course content
  • possibility of preparing future start-ups
  • flexibility and responsibility


International cooperation



  • Participation in competitions Euroweek organized by Prime Networking

    1st place in the category Best Pitch and Poster Award, 1st place in the category Best Project Presentation Award, Topic: Waste Elimination through the Usage of a Digital Twin, year 2019

  • Participation in the competition Coca-cola HBC challenge
    (2nd place in the national round, year 2019)
About the study program Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development programme supervisor doc. Ing. Robert Zich, Ph.D.
Take a look at how students work in teams, in their own firm, on their own projects, and what they like most about
Ondřej 3rd year student of ESBD

“At ESBD we work in small teams, which gives us with flexibility and the ability to improvise.”

“What I like about our study programme is that anytime our team or I come up with a business idea or project, we can realise it and the faculty meets our needs.”

“ESBD is the right choice for you, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t just sit around waiting for opportunities, but tries to create them yourself.”

“If you can seize each opportunity during your studies at ESBD, you will open many doors to future possibilities – and then it is just up to you what you choose. I’ve chosen to pursue the business projects we started during the course.”

Martin 3rd year student of ESBD

“Our study programme is unique in the Czech Republic and, honestly, I can tell you I like everything about it. After graduating from high school, I was looking for a challenge and I felt like the ESBD programme offered the challenge I wanted. And I wasn’t wrong. It’s a challenge because the programme is innovative, brand new, and has no equivalent in the Czech Republic.”

“The ESBD programme has changed my life for the better. It has changed my way of thinking, it has changed my system of work, and it has changed me as a person.”

“Great possibilities have opened up for me, and I get great opportunities to learn from my mistakes and to develop my own projects which are personally meaningful.”

“Because we have the possibility to work in teams, I feel I’ve made great strides forward. I’ve benefitted from having so many opportunities to cooperate with amazing people.”

Successful projects

Preparing a branding strategy for a clothing company from Finland

Designing a project to expand the product offer of a pizza restaurant chain (us trans-national chain)

Designing an expansion project for a dutch microbrewery